Erica's Healthy Pet


This site is dedicated to improving pet health with healthy, wholesome, natural treats and a line of essential oil products hand made to give your pets every benefit possible. All of my products are chemical and preservative free and will remain so indefinitely. We are a new business so this site is a work in progress. Please check back with us often, new products will be added regularly and improvements will be made every day. Thank you for your interest in Erica's Healthy Pet, I couldn't be more excited to be on this journey with you.
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Erica’s Promise:

We proudly offer handmade, chemical & preservative-free treats along with a complete line of essential oil products for dogs & cats to keep your best friend happy & healthy all at an affordable price. We strive to always use the healthiest ingredients in all of our products. Each item we offer has a complete list of ingredients on the label so you know exactly what you are feeding and using on your pet.

Erica’s Best Sellers

Typing on my dogs behalf… we love Erica’s treats! When mom would come home from market with them, we can’t wait to open them! When mom says we are a little funky, she uses the dry shampoo and spares us from the dreaded bath! But even the wet shampoo isn’t that bad. It leaves us smelling nice and our coat is so soft! We highly recommend you get your fur babies Erica’s treats. We love you, Ms. Erica! ~Doc, Hogan, and Murphy

Erica Lynn

Her treats are all natural and must be so delicious. My picky pup likes her cheesy bites. Amazing! Thank you Erica for caring and taking time to make healthy treats and treatments for our fur babies.

Magi Moore