Erica's Healthy Pet - Treats & Pet Care Products

I offer healthy treats, food and supplements to enhance your pets wellbeing and quality of life. I love making animals lives BETTER and HEALTHIER! I understand each pet is unique and requires different approaches to best suit the situation and the goals of their special person. I also offer one-on-one care plans and treatments as well as specialized classes.

Using my training, intuition and years of experience, my goal is to understand each animal companion who comes my way and offer them our best in alternative methods of care and maintenance.

I make the best use of oils, supplements, and food to help animals feel and look their best. In combination with training methods and homemade treats we believe these tools create the crucial foundation your pet needs.

If you are interested in using essential oils with your dog, please contact me today for more information about how to use essential oils, our my favorites, and reccomended treatments and dilutions.

Erica’s Best Sellers

Typing on my dogs behalf… we love Erica’s treats! When mom would come home from market with them, we can’t wait to open them! When mom says we are a little funky, she uses the dry shampoo and spares us from the dreaded bath! But even the wet shampoo isn’t that bad. It leaves us smelling nice and our coat is so soft! We highly recommend you get your fur babies Erica’s treats. We love you, Ms. Erica! ~Doc, Hogan, and Murphy

Erica Lynn

Her treats are all natural and must be so delicious. My picky pup likes her cheesy bites. Amazing! Thank you Erica for caring and taking time to make healthy treats and treatments for our fur babies.

Magi Moore